After my kids were born I tried many different diets. The weight would not come off…only go up! I had basically settled. When I heard about HCG from Stacey at hCG Weight Loss Clinic is Portland. The science of the diet seemed to make sense. With Stacey’s encouragement, and a bit of research on my part I began the program. It truly is amazing. You feel good, the weight comes off and the results for me was not only a loss of 35 pounds, my goal weight, and a total reshaping of my body.

The weight loss is great but the reshaping is truly the best result. HCG does target fat in the dangerous and hard to reach parts of your body. Amazing!

If you have weight to lose I encourage you to contact Stacey Perry at the HCG Weight Loss Clinic. With professionals like Stacey and Dr Petersen, you can feel confident in their advice and monitoring of your progress. One of the keys to my success was the advice and encouragement I received from Stacey. Having a specialist hold your hand through this process makes it so much more successful and even fun!

Melody G.
Portland, OR