Success Stories

See how our hCG weight loss program has transformed the lives of our patients!

hCG Weight Loss Clinic changed my life!

After years of fad diets and unhealthy eating habits hCG Weight Loss Clinic changed my life! Their step by step program combined with outstanding support and encouragement helped me achieve weight loss goals and regain my self-esteem. I would highly recommend this...

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A Total Reshaping of my Body…Amazing!

After my kids were born I tried many different diets. The weight would not come off…only go up! I had basically settled. When I heard about HCG from Stacey at hCG Weight Loss Clinic is Portland. The science of the diet seemed to make sense. With Stacey’s...

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The Only Thing That Worked!

Thank you Stacey for helping me get my weight back under control. I like so many other people have tried every diet under the sun and then some. I heard about hCG from my neighbor, she knew I had been doing a “popular weight loss plan” and had put on 43 pounds in 4...

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