Thank you Stacey for helping me get my weight back under control. I like so many other people have tried every diet under the sun and then some. I heard about hCG from my neighbor, she knew I had been doing a “popular weight loss plan” and had put on 43 pounds in 4 years. After stopping that plan and going it on my own….I was able to lose 14 lbs….but that was it. My body would not go past 198 lbs….no matter what I tried or what I did….exercise, lots of water, eating the right foods….nothing. Then my neighbor told me about hCG and how she was on it and losing weight every day. Well she sure was….so I called Stacey at the hCG Weight Loss Clinic and got started….I figured I had tried everything else…so why not.

All I can say is WOW. I mean WOW. I have lost 30 pounds and 15 inches from all over my body. Not only did I lose the weight and get past my 198 lb plateau….but the shape of my body changed as well. Pants that were once tight in the hips now fit perfectly. I am so excited to go into summer this year feeling and looking my best.

Thank you Stacey Perry at the hCG Weight Loss Clinic….this has been the most amazing experience and your support though it all was the best!

Shannon K.
Vancouver, WA