hCG History

You’ve probably heard of the body’s “starvation mode” and how it causes you to hold onto fat, not lose it. And if you’ve ever tried to seriously cut your calories, you know how miserable you end up feeling.

This is where hCG comes in and changes everything.

When you take a look at the background of hCG for weight loss, it’s not a huge surprise it works so well. What is shocking is how few people know about it and understand it.


Decades of Weight Loss Success

The hCG protocol we follow at hCG Weight Loss Clinic was created by the world-renowned physician A.T.W. Simeons, who published his manuscript, Pounds & Inches, in 1954 summarizing the findings of his groundbreaking research on obesity.

In studying various weight-loss programs, Dr. Simeons discovered how you lose easy-to-access fat and muscle together when you starve yourself to lose weight. Only when you’ve used up that and the fat that protects your organs does your body finally go after the long-term deposits you typically notice as fat.

Besides the problem of losing muscle and the wrong type of fat, people who starve themselves are usually so sick with weakness, hunger and headaches they can’t continue.


hCG: The Hormone That Changes Everything

Dr. Simeons’ research introduced human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a natural hormone produced by the body during pregnancy that protects the fetus from the impacts of its mother’s calorie loss, into his weight-loss program.

Both men and women could take pharmaceutical-grade hCG and stick to a very low-calorie diet while burning larger amounts of fat, protecting their muscles and feeling satisfied.

Our program is based directly upon Dr. Simeons’ research and experience. Thousands of people have benefitted from his protocol for rapid fat loss.

If you’re ready to make a big difference in your body, give hCG and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic a call today at 503-252-3750. We’ll set up a time to talk about how hCG can help you achieve rapid and lasting weight loss.