Frequently Asked Questions About hCG

Is hCG safe?

Yes, when medically supervised. Dr. Arnold Petersen, MD, has been using pharmaceutical hCG for more than 30 years in his medical practice. Although not yet approved specifically for weight loss, the FDA has approved this natural hormone for other medical purposes. It has been used safely and effectively as a weight loss tool for more than 50 years.

hCG Weight Loss Clinic, LLC, clients are medically supervised throughout the program. You will have an initial consultation with Dr. Petersen, who will review your lab test results and medical history before you are approved for the weight loss program. You will also have weekly consultations at our clinic to ensure the very best care and support. Unlimited telephone and email support are also included.


How long will I be on the program?

One course includes a minimum of 23 days up to a maximum of 90 days taking hCG, followed by a three-week phase during which you increase your calorie intake while avoiding sugar and starches. You may complete multiple courses if you wish.


How much weight can I expect to lose?

Although individual results vary, on average people lose about 1/2 to 1 1/2 pounds per day while taking hCG.


Will I be hungry while I’m on the diet?

hCG works with your body to access stored fat and use it as fuel. You may be more likely to feel you want to eat rather than experiencing actual hunger.


What kind of foods will I eat?

The diet is very specific, but you get all the food from your local grocery store.


Can vegetarians and vegans use this program?

The eating plan can accommodate both vegetarian and vegan diets and still be effective. Some participants find a slight increase in their overall hunger during the meat-free diet; however, they have still achieved the same remarkable fat-loss as other participants.


Will I be required to buy additional products or supplements once I’m enrolled in the program?

Absolutely not. Unlike some other weight loss centers that require you buy their products like protein powders and supplements, we believe that the diet works very well as it was originally written.


Why does hCG Weight Loss Clinic, LLC, require blood work when other programs don’t?

We want to verify that you are healthy enough to participate in the program. Running blood tests helps us provide you with the very best care. (Many people have the tests we need that can be sent from other providers, so new tests may not be required.)


Will I have to exercise?

No. The success of this diet doesn’t rely on exercise at all!